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*** Important disclaimer***

I know this might not be new for some people, however, some people may not be aware of the changes coming.

I have to change the way I run what I do.

If I receive any art rejection now (or in the future), we will have to discontinue the project, or consider project termination.

What do I mean by rejection?: If I show you the designs I have created, and you dislike anything about the design... Or if you request a complete redraw or need too many changes done to the piece.

(Let me be clear...this doesn’t mean that I don’t ever want to see you again... nor that I have hurt feelings....

This just means that we aren’t there yet, and your idea isn't ready yet.

BUUUUT we don’t get paid for drawing time, and I can’t draw you 20 different drawings and see what sticks… It doesn't work for me any more.)

I feel like communicating the change is important for myself and how I wish to care for my clients.

(lets be honest, 20 options and how I’ve been doing things is a bit overkill and really unnecessary.)

So what I need from you as a client, is to be REALLY honest with yourself, and truthful with me about the design, even if it is blunt or harsh. That's fine... (just don't want to have you hate your tattoo, before I get your honesty)

I also need Clear and decisive communication. This means, if you are sitting on the fence about things, you shouldn’t move forward with your tattoo. (should be a no brainer... still need to say it.)

If you need time to think that is fine, but I am gonna take care of other people while you decided what you want.

“But I have been waiting so long to get in with you?!”

Yeah… but do you want to get a bunk tattoo that’s only half cool because you weren’t sure about what you wanted? That’s a bad idea in my books…

This is important to me.

So no last minute changies and fence sitting.

Again, minor changes aren’t a huge deal, but if it is a big change, it will change the whole design

(IE: changing your mind about whether or not you want watercolor on you at the last minute after we are started the tattoo, and I have to do a style change in order to complete the piece… yes it’s happened, some people are lucky I’m not a one trick pony…) none of that.

If you have any questions or concerns, you know I'm an open book.

I don’t want you to think that I am mean but I need to be blunt and honest.

I will allow clients to purchase their designs as commissions if they need time to thing, and would like to keep their designs, but I can't in good conscience continue to work my balls off in the way that I have without reasonable compensation.

(grandpa always said, "if you are good at something, never do it for free." and he isn't wrong.)

I know I am going to have at least a few regulars that don't like this new practice because I've spoiled them. I can take re

sponsibility for my part in that. Doesn't mean this change isn't coming.

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