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Big changes coming

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I will be doing my best to keep up with the high demands, but as a result of my recent injury, my process is subject to change a little bit. It's not all bad, but I am sure that some of the changes might be a little different for my regular collectors.

First big change, is that I won't be able to intensively draw as many examples as people are used to. This means, you as a customer will need to be clear on your ideas before the consultation. Due to my injury, I will not be able to draw several examples to choose from. I have made the Style page as a source page to help alleviate the need for multiple drawings.

*If the examples I have provided are not enough to help you make a decision, I am creating a source book that will be available in shop. It will not be available for sale, however it's purpose will be to help guide the style decision process.

This also includes requesting MULTIPLE DESIGNS at a single consultation.

I encourage all customers to choose one design to focus on, and compartmentalize your ideas as best as you can. If multiple designs are going to "flow together" at some point or another, please use the style page to choose an example that fits your idea appropriately. If you are unsure about the suitability of a style, It is best you take the time to decide before attempting to book a consultation. I can draw nearly anything, so your decisiveness plays a huge roll in this regard.

Big change #2 I intend to have all inquiries directed to a singular location.

In recent years, social media has breached the boundaries of appropriate contact between professionals and their customers. As a result, people are quite literally bombarding service providers from every online angle.

Once the new system is in place, I would like all inquiries to be directed to the same email address.

I genuinely cannot keep track of every inquiry from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and E-mail. Sadly as a result of this, some customers may have felt like they were unheard or "fell through the cracks" of the internet.

often times people will say " I contacted you on _______________... do you remember me?"

This can get confusing trying to remember who "Q-T-31415." or "justkitten13" are.

My intention is to prevent this confusing disconnect as much as humanly possible.

I will have helpful info for this included on my Contact Page as well.

#3 I will not respond to inappropriate messages, or messages issued at inappropriate times.

the only exception to this circumstance is in an emergency.

IE: an adverse reaction to the tattoo or care product. I wish to ensure the safety of my clients, quality care is important for me. If for any reason, you cannot reach me, the FAQ and Care pages are intended to resolve any major concerns in my absence, please utilize these resources freely.

There will be more to come.

my goal is to streamline every aspect of my work as best as I can to improve the overall tattoo experience.

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