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♡Concerns with Change

I know there have been a few mixed reviews with the new art, so lets talk about it a little.

I have been moving in a bit of a new direction, that can be a little intense for some people, but I feel like moving into this creative transition is important for my growth as an artist.

I know that for some people it has been a breath of fresh air, but for others it has not been as well received (as I anticipated)

So why the change?

The simplest way to put it, is that creatively, I am growing up.

I find myself more excited about the more modern designs! This isn't to say I was any less excited with my previous work, when I was working on it. I'm just finding that I've become more invigorated by my art with this new style of work.

I want my art to be intense. (like the new drawings I've been posting on Instagram)

It just holds a bit more emotional weight, and I enjoy it.

*This will be a process but the overall goal is to do more work like this.

***This will mean that eventually "old style" will be replaced with "new style" as time passes

(I know we have hashed this out a little bit already. I just think it's important to discuss)

SIDE NOTE: What does this mean for people who still want the "Old style"?

I am currently doing my research, and will be making a post to explore the solution. I will be making a post with that info.


Moving into the new style...

It's kind of like when a musician goes through that transition from adolescence to adulthood....

It's like when the spice girls went from their "spice world album" to the "Forever" album. The sound changed because as people they grew into a different place creatively. It wasn't as hot as the old stuff, but they were on their way to getting married and having babies, so their material was influenced by other life experiences.

But All music has gone through this morph based on the cycles of cultural evolution and generational growth... a teenager in the 40's experienced things differently in than a 40 year old in the 40's.

then 50's moved into the 60's moved into the 70's.

The talented musicians weren't any less talented as the world evolved creatively, the things that they felt were important to say had just changed.

(this opens a couple cans of worms with how society is built... the point is our views on racism, sexism, and social norms evolve with us culturally. We are affected by our culture, and we also affect our culture) ***(side note: this is also why this era's new weird subversive ageism has become so dangerous... every generation is pounding their chest, but no one wants to own their contribution to the "shit sandwich" we are all collectively eating)

I'm sorry... back to the point!

It is just a natural progression of creative growth and exploration. Same goes with Art and the artist.

But most new things have mixed reviews, both positive and negative.

Elvis was "devil music" by parental standards, but the kids freaking loved him! his dancing like a crazy person, put traditional people off, but in his prime he was having a blast with it, and enjoying his creation.

KISS got the same reviews in their time...

from our perspective, it's just soft rock... but at the time, that was some of the most intense stuff they had seen.

Really the list could go on forever... (you have Musical Relics like Alice cooper and Madonna, who have been able to grow creatively AND keep up with social cultural changes. having better odds of standing the test of time overall )

I know some people have natural tenancies to Nostalgia and that "love at first whatever" feeling... it can tend be what we cling to when everything feelings like it's moving too fast for us. I totally get it!

When that thing that "gave us the feelz" changes and you weren't ready for it, it sucks. A LOT.

I think some of the reason that it is important to illustrate this, is because I personally don't agree with just ripping the floor out from under anyone (well, only when it is appropriately needed). I know some people disagree with the change.

I also know some people disagree with how this change should be handled...

I've become less delicate about everything, than I have been in the past... I've also been conquering a lot of my self-destructive niceness... (It's an ongoing process, but it is for the best in the long run)

I've also run out of energy for tip-toeing around making sure everyone is happy (my self-destructive niceness, has cost me way too often) SO I'm turning over a new leaf with my art and life in general really.

I'll leave you with a song that is getting stuck in my head a lot lately, but it illustrates my need to move forward, in a blunt and playful way ;) love you guys♡

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