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*MUST READ* ♡2020: ongoing projects♡

This is for clients that have a deposit with me, but WERE NOT BOOKED for 2020

If you did not have a booking with me, but we still had an ongoing project, I would like for you to email me. I need a few things in the email though.

I need a photo of your current tattoo, as well as a copy of any correspondence of our previous conversations over email ... (or screenshots of insta-chats)

yes even if they were with my old email address (This address is no longer valid for work purposes)....

please save the NEW email at the bottom of this blog.

If you were emailing through atomic zombie’s e-mail address I need that as well, if you have it.

Anything we have talked about. This is important because I need to be able to verify your info within our computer system in order to proceed any further.

(This is also to ensure that your tattoo goals are still the same. If it has been a few years, and you have changed you mind on things...

I will also need to you include you contact info at the end of the email. This must include a current and working phone number so that I can reach you.

Anyone recently married, please include both names you have used, just in case we have a name crossover issue.

My goal is to contact everyone to discuss future bookings and to continue these projects.

*also, I need to you talk to me directly. If you do not reach me directly It's going to be very difficult for us to move forward, and I would like to mitigate that as much as possible right now.

We have all been affected by this pandemic in some scale or another, and it will take us a bit to get back on our feet so I appreciate your patience as we work through all of this together.

Adhere to this checklist so we can move this along as smoothly and painlessly as possible ♡

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