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  • What are your rates?
    The Shop's Rate is now $175/hr. Minimum charge is $120. There are no "day rates" There may be "tattoo flash" at set rate on the rare occasion. A supply fee of $25, included for every tattoo session, for disposable products used during the session. These rates are set by the Owner, in accordance with local Tattoo and Provincial Standards.
  • Why do you charge a supply fee?
    The supply charge is for the disposable equipment required to complete the tattoo procedure. This allows us to provide our customers with Single-use disposable products. This also includes the bandages provided at the end of your session, and the medical products used as well. For Client reference: Products are purchased through EIKON as well as Valuemed.
  • Do I have to be 18?
    YES! You must be of the "legal age" in order to receive the tattoo procedure. These standards are set and enforced by provincial law. You are required to bring government issued photo I.D. (to every tattoo appointment) in order to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • When can I book my appointment?
    Schedule Opening dates are set based on the artist's availability. This means that there can be limited amount of space available, and availability will be indicated through website and social media. If all media posts indicate that "books are closed" you will have to wait until "books are open" to book a consultation or tattoo appointment. These posts will also be avilable in the news and announcments section of my Blog Page as well as instagram and applicable social media. these posts will include the instructions on how and where to inquire. Due to increased demand there may be some extended wait times. **Messages sent via in facebook and instragram will not have prioirty, with regard to tattoo inquiries. You will be asked to send your inquiry via email and follow the guidelines provided.
  • How do I book in?
    Due to the intensity of inquiry volumes, Clients are requested to sumbit their inquiry Via e-mail. This ensures that all inquiries are previewed and receive a response. All customers are to submit: - A description of the idea: which includes the location you intend to place the design on your body, and any helpful emotive descriptive words that will help to inspire the artwork. Please keep these descriptions under 350 characters. *I can only focus on one tattoo project at a time. *If you intend to have multiple ideas connecting to each other please make a small note of this in your inquiry. - Reference images: this can include images that inspired the idea, as well as, images from my personal portfolio, or examples provided on the Style Page in this website. I have named each style, to streamline this process. - I require all inquiries include their contact information. This should include: Your Legal given name,( as it reads on your Goverment issued photo I.D.) Your email address (this must be the best place to reach you. any address that is a spouse address or friend's address will not work.) Your phone number *we will not be able to contact clients that do not have a working phone number.
  • Can I inquire for someone else?
    Due to the nature of this kind of procedure I need direct contact with the client. Couples tattoos and friendship tattoos are a minor exception. Often times the concept is matching in that circumstance. If there are two separate concepts being designed, this will not be considered as a couple/friendship tattoo. If you are not receiving the tattoo yourself, and are inquiring on behalf of someone else, I cannot accommodate this type of inquiry. The client must be the primary correspondent.
  • Do you take "Walk-ins"?"
    At this time, all bookings are by appointment only. This is to ensure customers are serious about their inquiries. This is why the consultation process is important. The studio will work towards seasonal Flash events or walk-in events.
  • Do you have a Cancellation List or "waitlist"?"
    Due to demand, my cancellation list is currently reserved for pending projects, or for projects in progress. This is to ensure that I complete more projects, and have less projects in limbo. Clients can request to be placed on the cancellation list at their consultation, or post consult. You must have a paid deposit in order to be placed on the cancellation list. *if you have a pending project or a project in progress, but have not requested to be placed on the cancellation list, you are welcome to make this request.
  • How much is the Deposit fee?
    The deposit to book a tattoo appointment varies depending on project size. The minimum deposit is $100 (+gst) The deposit is non-refundable, and is deducted from the end price of your tattoo upon completion. We review these terms and conditions at the end of the consultation appointment, and include a copy for you to take home with your deposit receipt.
  • Why do I need to pay a deposit?
    Everyone pays a deposit, to secure the tattoo appointment booking. Much like any standard cosmetic procedure. The deposit shows that you are committing to the tattoo project, that you understand the value of your artist's time, as well as the work involved to create a Custom Design based on the description and reference material you've provided.
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
    Our shop policy requires that you give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or move your appointment. If you do not give adequate notice you will lose your deposit. You will be required to pay a new deposit in order to proceed with the project.
  • Can I see the drawing before the appointment?
    Art is available at the artist's discretion. Due to Art theft via email, artwork must be previewed in person at this time. If you live out of town and this is a concern, please discuss further with your artist. ***I am attempting to improve my art scheduling. Art will be available for previewing the week before the appointment, and minor changes can be made if applicable. If there are too many changes required, a new deposit will need to be placed for a new design. *** This is further addressed in the following question.
  • What happens if I do not like the design?
    Small changes can me made to the design on the day of the appointment. If the redraw is going to take an hour or more, on the day of the appointment, I will require the appointment be rescheduled. This may also risk loss of the deposit. ***You will need to be decisive and clear about your ideas during your consultation, in order to prevent this kind of issue. I have created the Style Page to help clients during the planning stage for this purpose. This is intended to improve our overall communication, before art has been drawn.
  • What if I change my mind about a tattoo idea?
    If the change involves color scheme, this can be easily modified. I have a color pallet options available for this reason. If the concept has changed completely I will require more time to design new artwork, and you will lose your current deposit. You will be required to place a new deposit for the new design, in this circumstance. ***If a client changes their mind too often, or flip flops too often about the concept, I will also require a six month probationary period for the client to take time to research their concept further.
  • How and When do I book a touch up?
    Your tattoo will need roughly 3-8 weeks to heal. Everyone heals differently, no "one size fits all", here. I prefer to have a "final touch up" appointment to ensure that the saturation of the watercolor is ideal for the aging process. Some colors can tend to be weaker than I would prefer, so I am particularly picky about how they heal. Clients are also welcome to book the touch-ups over the phone with reception. I reserve time in the evenings (5 pm to 8pm) specifically for touch up appointments. This is to ensure less wait times for clients booking touch up appointments.
  • How much does a touch-up cost?
    The touch-up is free and will not cost you the hourly tattoo rate, if booked within the first 12 months upon completion of the tattoo project. I attempt to complete my tattoos in a way that prevents the requirement for touch ups, as much as possible. There is a supply fee charge, for the disposable tattoo equipment. ($20) Touch-up bookings after the 12 month probabtionary period, will be charged as per regular tattoo rates. ***If tattoos, are older than twelve months, and show serious fading, this could be an indication of sun damage. If you skip out on the sun screen in summer time, this is common. You are respsonible for your tattoo's long term care.
  • Do You do Cover-ups?
    I will do "cover-up" tattoos, but it is dependant on the darkness and age of the tattoo being covered. If a tattoo is too dark, I will often recommend that a tattoo be lightened up or fully removed with Laser removal. Making way for an optimal canvas for client's future art goals. In Edmonton, I recommend checking out Second Skin Laser! These guys have experience not only with tattoo removal, but other cosmetic procedures such as, hair removal, skin rejuvination, and scar reduction. ***Clients with cover up projects should be sure to include a picture of the tattoo they wish to cover along with their inquiry. Please note, that with cover up projects, sometimes the art can be limited due to the old design and it's potential for risk for showing through the new ink. This may affect your desired results, and should be considered along with laser removal options when inquiring for cover up projects.
  • Will you touch up other tattoos, or tattoos completed by other artists?
    No. I prefer to avoid projects created by other artists. (In the past, I have done these kind of touch ups, but I prefer not to. I understand that there can be circumstances such as artist relocation, or the unfortunate passing of an artist. However, I will strongly recommend that clients seek the original artist. I understand that some clients may not wish to continue work with an artist due to negative experiences or other personal reasons, but I prefer to work on my own art.)
  • Am I required to "tip"?"
    If a Client wishes to tip, for the art and the time, they welcome to. there is absolutely no obligation to tip.
  • Can I speak to the artist directly?
    Due to demand, the best way to reach out for non-emergency contact is via e-mail. (which is in the contact section of this website). You are also welcome to phone during our office hours, and reception will assist with any questions or concerns you may have. If you have serious concerns in relation to a HEALING TATTOO, please review the care page. There will be an Emergency FAQ available for your convenience. I will include instructions in case of an emergency here. Please follow up, if symptoms persist and you are seeking medical attention ***we need to be aware of this for touch up purposes.



- Wash your hands first. Wash the tattoo with luke warm water, then rinse with cool water.

(or double rinse, hot then cold)

Wash the tattoo 2-3 times per day for a minimum of 2 weeks as needed. (always wash if tattoo comes in contact with germs.) After the majority of the healing is done (1-2 weeks average), you may reduce washing the tattoo to once per day, until the healing is complete.(6 to 8 weeks)


- Wet the tattoo with clean water. DO NOT use any other products to rinse your tattoo. Water only!


- Gently lather with a mild soap; one that does NOT contain perfume, antibacterial, or antiseptic ingredients. (Do NOT use a washcloth) Using a circular motion with the pads of your fingers and palm of your hand. DO NOT scrub with your nails, especially when the tattoo reaching the stage of pealing. 


- Rinse well  with warm first, then with cool water. (warm water helps open the pores when you are rinsing off the soap, and cold water helps close them back up.) 


- Air dry the tattoo to evaporate the water from the skin. (Do NOT use a blow dryer.). Patting/dabbing the tattoo dry with a clean, smooth towel, or paper towel is acceptable only when necessary. (Air drying leaves no material behind on the tattoo.)


After the tattoo is dry, apply a thin layer of cream to the tattoo.​


***Remember - from this point on, the outcome of the appearance of your tattoo now is entirely in your hands!

The better you take care of your skin , the better your tattoo look in the future.

Further more, the healing of your tattoo will take time, so please be patient with your own body and it's healing process. Everyone heals differently! 


If you have ANY questions at all regarding your tattoo at ANY POINT during the healing process, Please Contact YOUR ARTIST as soon as possible, so that I may help with any concerns you might have.

Moisturizing Your Healing Tattoo

Once your Tattoo is dry, you will need to apply a non-scented moisturizing product. If your artist has not advised you on which product is best, unscented Lubriderm is one of the safest products that you can use, and is available at most pharmacies. If you choose another brand, you are welcome to, just be sure that this product is unscented! 


Moisturize the tattoo AFTER you have WASHED the tattoo, and allowed it to dry.

Please be sure your hands are clean before application.

(this isn't hard, but some people will handle their phones, or get distracted, and then get back to it. and your phone is filthy...)

apply the moisturizer, as you would regular lotion.  If there is any excess of lotion left on the surface of the tattoo, pad it dry with a damp paper towel to remove excess.

***You do not want the tattoo to feel slimey, excessive moisture can attract unwanted bacteria and you may risk infection.  


You do not want to share your moisturizing product with other family members.

Having your own personal bottle prevents THEIR germs getting into YOUR tattoo.  

*** If there are any major concerns with the healing process CONTACT YOUR ARTIST before consulting a physician. Doctors will prescribe ointments with anti-bacterial properties that will damage the tattoo.   

 Other Helpful tips

Always use CLEAN bedding/clothing when you are in the process of healing. (Cover the tattoo ONLY when necessary.) 

*it needs to breath to heal, and sometimes clients will wear cloths that are too constricting, which will lead to irritation ad discomfort. 

For sleeping, cover the tattoo with a clean piece of clothing or paper towel for the first few nights, or ask your artist for extra bandages.

If the wound dries and sticks to any fabrics or paper towel , do NOT pull it off straight away! (it will hurt)

Soak the stuck material with luke warm water until it comes off with ease. (this doesn't happen often, but I would rather you know how to handle it, if it does occur.)

Remove the "night bandage" as soon as you wake up. Wash, Let it dry, then moisturize. 


 Over time, the tattoo will dry out a little bit, peel, and flake; these are normal steps in the healing process. If you are being sure to clean and moisturize regularly, you should heal with minimal complications.


keep your moisturizing cream in cool dry place.

THINGS you DO NOT DO with your tattoo!!!


Do NOT soak or submerge the tattoo until it is fully healed. (No hot-tubs, baths, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, salt/fresh water, etc. for a minimum of 20 days.)  Showers are fine, but excessive moisture will have anegative affect on the new tattoo. Water should only contact the tattoo when you are washing it.


Do NOT apply anything else to the tattoo other than what your tattoo artist has given/instructed you to use. (NO alcohol/peroxide. NO questionable creams/sprays. NO unsanitary/unlaundered materials/objects.)


Do NOT rub, pick or scratch the tattoo. (Do NOT touch the tattoo unless you are washing and/or applying cream. (only touch with freshly washed hands!)


Do NOT suffocate the tattoo, it needs to breath and needs oxygen to heal. (Using too much cream will prevent the tattoos ability to heal.) Expose the tattoo to clean air as often as possible.


Do NOT let blood dry on the tattoo, nor let blood dry into any clothing/bandages covering the tattoo.


Do NOT use any clothing/bandage that will stick to the tattoo.


Do NOT drink alcohol for 24 hours before or after the tattoo is applyed. (Alcohol thins blood, causing more bleeding, which will draw more of the tattoo’s pigment out of your skin.)


PLEASE Avoid tanning beds for at least 6 weeks and when tanning use a high quality sunscreen (SPF 45 or higher) on the tattoo. NOT TANNING OIL!!!


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