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Phone: 1-780-482-2662



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  *** side note, I DO have a facebook page, but I find that it doesn't seem to reach the Same amount of people, and it is not my favorite social media network.  I will keep it up for now, but I will likely delete the page within the next few years.  

For All tattoo inquiries, you must include the following.


- A description of the idea, which includes the location you intend to place the design on your body, and any helpful emotive words that will help to inspire the piece.

                                                                                   Keep these descriptions under 350 words.

- Reference images, this can include images that inspired the idea, as well as, images from my personal portfolio, or examples provided on the Style Page in this website. I have named and numbered each style, to streamline this process.


- I require all inquiries to include your contact information.


This should include:   

          Your full Legal name, no nicknames

          Your email address

          Your phone number

***I will not be able to contact customers who do not include this info. 

***I can only take on one tattoo project at a time, if you a interested in

multiple projects make note of it, but focus on the favorite or primary concept first.

I will not be able to accommodate inquiries where I do not have direct contact with the client. View Blog&Extras for more info. 


Due to high volume of inquiries, please expect some extended wait times. 

All inquiries will be responded to ask quickly as possible, thank you for your patience: