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                           to the Style page:   

 an in depth look at my style, art, and other creative concepts.


This page is designed to help you stay on point when describing your ideas. I've moved away from "duplication" of ideas and would like to focus on art creation.

(If you are looking for someone to copy and paste your idea verbatim, my style won't be for you) 

If you  genuinely love my Style and know I will give you an awesome custom design,

then you don't need to read any further.

but...    if you want to dig deeper, and check out style options, then this Resource Page is FOR YOU!                         


Untitled_Artwork 13_edited.jpg

The Starting point.

I have made a lot of big changes to this page recently. 

My hope is this will guide consults and client decision making to be more efficient. I hope that you find this information useful and helpful as you are exploring your tattoo ideas.

I really enjoy that space between ‘order and chaos’, and I am having a lot of fun exploring that in my art. 

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