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Schedule opening, Technical difficulties, and Surgery.

Right, first things first, I want everyone to know that the current way of doing my schedule openings is going through a major overhaul right now. We are doing things “the old way” right now, but my goal is overall improvement to make way for new better ways of doing things.

***” the old way” I set a date, there is a set amount of project space available, and once the slots are filled, we “close the books” until I finish the new projects and more space becomes available. ***

The longest story short, is that I want to be able to streamline the process more. The ultimate goal is providing the best care that I can. In the past it has been a little crazy, and I want to make this experience a little easier for everyone as a whole.

This being said, working through this process may take a little bit of work to properly iron out all the wrinkles, and get the inquiry process cleaned up a bit. This means that the current process may be subject to some serious hiccups or miscommunication, as we attempt to iron out these issues. With High Volumes of inquiries and only a select number of staff, this will be in interesting process to say the least.

*I wish to apologize in advance, to anyone who may feel inconvenienced by the need for this process or is inconvenienced by the process itself…This is a kind, sorry not sorry situation, because Rome wasn’t built in a day. I am constantly seeking new ways of improving my process for the better, for myself, my art and my clients. This will mean present and future growing pains, but it is ultimately for the better…*

Onto other important news.

Sadly we have to get a little personal.

Over the last two, almost three years, I have been experiencing a very inconvenient diagnosed abdominal pain. (This condition is not related to the also super lame problems that I had with torn ligaments in my wrist during this summer)

In attempts to keep the long story short… for the last few years… I just live, in a place of chronic pain. This meant that often, between work and sleep, I was often making frequent hospital visits.

*not attempting to be a drama queen, just getting facts out. *

So, I have some good news, and I have some bad news…

The good news, one of my problems might be solved very soon! The bad news is, I have to have surgery in order to get there.

Now, I wanted to be transparent about this, because I know I have a lot of people who may be worried about this affecting their bookings. I have taken care of it, and everything should be all good to go. NO STRESS

After the surgery I will update everyone again with regards to the process of my recovery.

I’ll try not to “hit the ground running” but I am very hopeful that the excess of my health issues will improve once this has been dealt with.

I also want to thank everyone who has been patient, and supportive throughout this long and grueling process, (both in health and creative improvement) I know it has been mostly a shit show, and I am REALLY looking forward to things clearing up. I look forward to the future 😉 and I hope to see you there <3

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