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Just to keep everyone updated!♡

Right, I know that this isn't going to be new news for some, but I keeping everyone updated is important.

There will be a lot of big changes coming in the new year, but the toughest one on my roster right now is my upcoming surgery.

Any one who has been following knows it's been almost 3 years with doctors playing "pin the tail on the symptom" ... I guess that's why there is the running joke that "it's called a PRACTICE for a reason"

SO at the risk of too much info, I'll try to keep it tame... but one of my many problems is my gall bladder.

we don't even know if this will be a full solution to my problems, but it is a start I guess.

I want everyone to know that I have already taken care of my schedule, so this surgery Will not be affecting my clients bookings. I planned my previous schedule opening this way on purpose so that I can reduce inconveniencing anyone any more than I have to. I am hoping everything goes smoothly and we are back in ship shape as fast as possible ;)

Any ways, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season.

I'll be working on making the blog thing a better resource;)


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